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How to Improve the Value of Your House Before Selling it

How to Improve the Value of Your House Before Selling it

Selling your property is often a big choice that can lead to either huge financial rewards or regret. Regret often occurs when a home seller discovers when it’s too late that he or she could have gotten a better deal on a property sale.

One of the most effective ways to ensure you are never short changed while selling a property is to have it professionally appraised by an estate surveyor. The services of an estate surveyor will provide you accurate information concerning the actual worth of your property by taking into consideration factors such as size of the property, state of the property, its age, its feature, its location, and so on. Thus, if you know the actual value of your property, you have no reason to receive an amount that’s less than its worth.

But what happens if you are dissatisfied with the value presented to you by the valuator? Simple. You can increase the value of your property by making the following modifications that are guaranteed to increase your property’s worth.

  1. Put on a fresh coat of paint. Painting is a cost effective way to give your property a new look and increase its value. Freshly painted, your home looks like a newly built property.
  2. Fix all structural faults. This is a more expensive way to increase your property’s value but it is worth it in the long run. By repairing wall cracks, creaky floorboards, leaking roofs, faulty electrical wiring and plumbing, broken windows, or any other visible faults, your property’s value is bound to increase.
  3. Add more rooms and bathrooms. By creating more rooms and bathrooms in your home, you increase the comfort of the property and thus its value. But keep in mind that the newly added rooms should not overly affect the size of existing rooms. A house full of rooms the size of broom closets will not be highly valued.
  4. Landscaping. By cleaning up the yard and planting a bit of shrubbery, you liven up the outside of your property which can be a big boost to your property’s value.

One wasteful venture you can undertake to improve your property’s value is to have a swimming pool installed. It is an expensive enterprise which often yields little to no return on investment.

If you feel there are other ways you can improve your property’s value before sale, share with us in the comments.

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