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Sealing the Best Car Insurance Deals

Sealing the Best Car Insurance Deals

There is no single insurance policy that fits all cars. This is because insurance companies use a range of factors in calculating premiums. These may include the value of your car, your age, driving experience and occupation. Every car has its unique insurance deal. So, how can you get the best insurance deal for your car? Here are a few tips.

Lower your Risk

To beat down the price of your car insurance, you need to lower your risk. This you can do by making your car secure. Ensure that security gadgets are fitted and Thatcham approved.

Drive Safely

For insurance purposes, everyone claims to be a safe driver. But you have to prove it. Getting a pass plus or any advanced driving course can avail you in getting a discount. You can also get a black box technology or add a second, low-risk driver. If you can prove that you are a safe driver, you may get a lower premium. You can boost your position with a no claim bonus. This shows that you are a careful driver and with few or no claims in the past, you are less likely to make many in the future.

Tweak the Price

This you can do by :

  • Paying for your car insurance annually to avoid interest being paid on the each payment instalment.
  • Not paying for add-ons and products or similar break down cover, which you may already have.

Compare Prices

Do not just walk into an insurance company and get a deal, take your time, do research. Get quotes from insurers and brokers. Do like for like comparison.  Only then should you make your choice. The more time you spend doing research, the more likely you are to get a better deal.

Ask for a Discount

After making up your mind as to which broker to use, go back and ask for a discount. Arm yourself with your quotes from other insurers and brokers and ask your broker to beat your best quote.

Remember, the cheapest deal is not necessarily the best. Search for the best deals, using the tips above to get value for your money.

Leave a comment below if you have tips you would like to add or have worked well for you.


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