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From Simple to Ridiculous: 10 Ways You Are Invalidating Your Car Insurance

From Simple to Ridiculous: 10 Ways You Are Invalidating Your Car Insurance

Many of us are so carefree about the way we handle our cars sometimes. If we knew how much of an impact some of our actions could have on getting our pay-out, we would stop doing them immediately.

A new study by uSwitch has found that majority of drivers in the UK are risking their pay-out by engaging in actions they don’t know could render their months of paying car insurance premiums useless. These mistakes are so costly, British drivers are losing as much as £114 million to them.

The survey included 1,593 drivers, many of whom admitted to making mistakes such as leaving their car unlocked or driving while wearing flip-flops. So what do we need to stop doing?


  • Wearing flip flops or high heels


25% of UK drivers wear the wrong footwear when driving and while you might think it is not such a big deal, an accident claim may get rejected of you are found to have been wearing high heels or flip flops.


  • Not locking car


24% leave their cars unlocked, which could lead to a robbery claim being rejected.


  • Postponing repairs


Not maintaining your car as at when due can put your pay-out at risk, but 24% of Brits are guilty of this.


  • Renewing car MOT late


We know there’s a lot on your mind, but don’t be among the 16% of drivers who forget to renew their MOT.


  • Not restraining your pet


Don’t blame your insurer for refusing an accident claim if you are one of the 15% who let their pets roam free in the car while they drive.


  • Lending your car


If you lend your car to a relative or friend, you are one of the 14% who make the same mistake.


  • Switching jobs


You are free to change jobs of course, but your insurer has to be aware. Unfortunately, 9% of Brits don’t know this.


  • Adding objects to rear-view mirror


Don’t we just love our fluffy dice? But they could be the reason your claim gets rejected if you are one of the 9% who use them.


  • Not renewing your tax


Whether you forget or procrastinate, don’t be among the 9% who fail to renew their tax.


  • Underestimating your mileage


Try not to be among the 8% who do this by getting your numbers right!

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