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5 Hidden Sources of Income in Your Home that You Don’t Know About

5 Hidden Sources of Income in Your Home that You Don’t Know About

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed cash in a hurry?  Almost everyone has been there at one time or another, and we all know that raising money outside our regular income can be a hassle – or is it?

Raising extra cash is quite simple if only you can see the treasures around you, especially those lying around your home. In this article, we will cover at least 5 things that are potential sources of income in your home that you may not be aware of.

Old clothes, shoes and handbags –

If you are like most people, you probably have a lot of off-season clothes gathering dust in the closet. Did you know that this is a huge potential source of income? If these clothes were gently used and are still in a good state, you can make a lot of money selling them off. There are probably people in your city who cannot afford to buy brand new clothes and they would welcome an opportunity to save a couple of bucks buying your used clothes. Look for a used clothing store near you and sell off your off-season clothes in bulk to them, they will then resell to the people who need them. You can even sell your used clothes online and ship directly to buyers. The same applies to shoes and handbags you are no longer using. There are people willing to pay for things like this as long as they are in good

Jewellery, antiques and family heirlooms –

Do you have jewellery you don’t wear because it is not your style? Or an engagement ring you don’t wear because it brings back unhappy memories? If you look closely, you will probably find dozens of jewellery pieces lying around the house that you haven’t worn in ages. Also, you may be surprised to know that there are people who will fall over themselves in a bid to buy that strange family heirloom with a history that no one can remember. Or that uninteresting work of art you bought on a whim when you went on holiday. These things could be worth a lot. However, to make sure you are getting your value’s worth, make sure to have the items you want to sell appraised. Then you can visit the local jeweller’s or a pawn shop. You can even put them on eBay.

Computers –

Almost every household has a computer lying around that is no longer in use. It could be that the computer is no longer in vogue, or maybe it is bad, whatever the case, you can sell it. People who repair computers will be interested in buying your useless laptops and desktops as they can strip them for parts to repair other computers. Some can even be repaired and resold cheaply. If you have computers like these lying around the house, put them online for sale, clear your home of clutter and make money doing so.

Old books –

Do you have books you will likely never read again? You can easily turn these books into cash. Old books, novels, textbooks and so on are in high demand, especially now that everything is digital. There are people who love the feel of paper on their fingers and would rather read a book in print than on an electronic device. This is a huge market that not many people know about. Thankfully, Amazon has made selling your old books very easy, simply scan it with the Amazon app, get the current value of the book, list it on the book selling app, fix a price and wait for the demand. Note, however, that Amazon charges a listing fee of 99 cents which is taken from your money when the book is sold, but there are other sites where you can sell unwanted books without paying a listing fee.

Dolls, toys and children’s thing –

If you have kids, you probably have tons of children’s toys and things lying all over the place. If your children are all grown up and are no longer using these items, you can sell them off, de-clutter your home and make good money doing so. There are shops that will pay good money for toys and dolls in good order, especially those that come as a set. You can visit the local consignment or thrift store in your neighbourhood to get an idea of how much they will pay for your stack of toys. You may be lucky to sell them at more than half the original price. You can also put these items up on eBay if you would rather control the price.

There are lots of hidden income sources in your home that you can sell to raise much-needed cash. The above 5 are just a small part of it. Check back on this site later for more ideas on what you can sell around the house to raise the money you need.

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