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About Us

about us


Money and home is the brainchild to make it easier for our clients to enjoy their life better. Through our diverse range of services delicately designed to suit and guarantee your convenience and comfortability, you are in good hands with us. Whether you need capital for your family to establish a business or you want to buy property in a choice location, we are here to answer your call.

Our dedication to providing outstanding service to you is based on three core values of professionalism, quality, and responsiveness.

Professionalism: We are a leading professional company providing financial expertise and experience for our clients.

Responsiveness: Our list of services are designed to meet your personal desires. By understanding the differences between each client, we have launched services designed specifically for you. However, because we get diverse clients from different walks of life, we have imbibed the culture of responsiveness to quickly solve each peculiar financial problem.

Quality: Our Company is distinguished from competitors by the quality of our service. We offer only premium services which is extremely important to your convenience.

what we offer

Our mission is to support you through your financial decisions on your family, property, and loans. Whatever you need financial support for, whether it is to go on a family vacation, or home loan for improvements, our range of financial products is designed for you. Our attitude is honesty and being straightforward with our products, we offer services and products that cover family, property, loans, retirement, insurance, and mortgage.


We care about the togetherness of family and we understand that without proper financing, it may be tough to enjoy the United Kingdom and beyond. This is why we have created special services and products solely to meet the tough demands of the world upon the family. There are no hidden tricks or catches, we simply make the financial life of your family easier. Do you want to buy a property but you don’t have the finances yet? Never worry, as we offer you a good and easy way out through our loans. Take advantage of our loans which can help you buy any property in a location of choice.


We offer a simple way for you to borrow without the hassle of paperwork or bottleneck. We understand your need to receive a loan as you may want to take your family on a deserved vacation, finance home improvements or buy a car, our borrowing option are tailor made to suit you.


We do know you can’t work forever, hence our passion to care for you as you prepare to retire. Take advantage of our great service geared towards your security upon your retirement. You don’t have to lose your peace during retirement, simply walk with us.

Money and Home is established for one purpose only: to resolve the financial services of our clients through a fast, responsive, quality, and professional system. So, whatever your worries on financing may be, whether loans, bills, insurances, mortgages, retirement, property, family, and credit cards, our range of services are personalised for you to meet your financial goals. Speak to us today to resolve all you financial concerns.

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